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Heavy Machinery Cleaning Through Ultrasonic Solutions for Metal and Steel

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With different metals and steels come various chemicals and methods needed for sufficient heavy machinery cleaning. With our experienced staff at Kleentek, we can guarantee that you will never have to worry about being supplied with the proper cleaning products to clean your metal or steel machinery.

With our new ultrasonic cleaning solution for metal, we can efficiently clean metal parts for any of your tools or machinery. Our ultrasonic cleaning methods are state of the art and use ultrasound energy to clean any surfaces of your metal or steel equipment properly. You no longer need to worry about toxic solvents that could potentially cause harm if not thoroughly removed before use, nor do you need to worry about acid baths that could just as easily create the same problems if not entirely washed off prior to use.

Kleentek Offers a Unique Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution for Steel

The ultrasonic method removes all risks that come with the older approaches and assure you a safely cleaned metal or steel machine.Our ultrasonic cleaning solution for steel thoroughly cleans these surfaces of oil, grease and carbon. It’s recommended to invest in proper cleaning supplies as opposed to having to buy brand-new equipment due to faults or breakdowns. We offer a wide variety of cleaning products, from aerospace machinery all the way to commercial equipment. Our aerospace cleaning products are a perfect example of our state of the art our products and our commitment to keeping up with today’s production materials.

Heavy Machinery Cleaning used in the Aerospace and Other Industries

Many aerospace components are built using titanium, which is why Kleentek devised our products to safely and effectively clean such metals without harming the machinery itself. Get rid of all the grease, oil, and carbon buildup seamlessly with our ultrasonic techniques knowing that our products have been specifically designed for any metal or steel components you use.

At Kleentek, we are proud to say that our cleaning chemicals are the most powerful on the market and have been made to supply you with a deep clean on many different types of metals and steels from titanium to alloys.

You will never have to worry if what you are using is safe or if it will compromise your aerospace parts. Keep your mind at ease and know that you will always have a smooth and safe process when using Kleentek products on your equipment. We interweave the two most important factors when it comes to aerospace technology: 100% cleanliness along with the peace of mind that you will provide a safe, smooth flight for all of your passengers.

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