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Acquire Your Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Equipment in Perth, Australia from Kleentek

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To have a properly running industrial parts washer it is crucial to have it correctly cleaned. With locations and cleaning equipment services offered throughout Perth and Australia, you will find that we are an extremely multifaceted company offering parts cleaning equipment for a wide variety of industrial equipment including aerospace, medical and veterinary, automotive, and commercial cleaning.

Our new state of the art parts washerwill leave you with improved cleaning results on any piece of industrialised equipment you may need. From our ultrasonic cleaning methods to our newest cleaning chemicals, we can assure you that all our services and products are up to par and exceed the Australian safety standards.

Buy or Rent a Parts Washer in Perth

We offer parts washers in Australia to buy or to rent, giving you the freedom to use our product for as long as you need, or just on an as-needed basis for your monthly cleaning. We can guarantee complete satisfaction in your use of cleaning products in all areas:

  • Proficient cleaning: You will never have to worry about whether your parts are sufficiently cleaned and up to the standard health codes in your specific area. We can guarantee that with our cleaning products your parts washer in Perth will be cleaned to your satisfaction the very first time, and you can move on to the next thing on your to-do list without worrying if you need to re-wash your equipment.
  • Effectiveness: At Kleentek, we understand that you are extremely busy in your daily working life and have no time to go back and keep re-checking to see if your parts and equipment are indeed clean, and with our cleaning products we can guarantee that your industrial machines are sparkling clean the first time.
  • Safety: We also know that different materials require different cleaning products. Kleentek has you covered. Our educated staff know which cleaning products you will need for the industrial machine or the parts you need cleaned and can supply you with quality products that will not harm any of your devices.
  • Locations: With locations throughout Perth and Australia, we can offer you quick and reliable delivery or send technicians to your business. We guarantee quality educated staff members that can help you with any questions you may have, from how the machines work all the way to how to keep them functioning optimally so that you can get the most out of our equipment.

Customer Service is Our Priority

At Kleentek, we tailor our service individually to each of our valued customers. Feel free to contact us at your convenience for any queries or information you may require.