Ultrasonic Cleaning for Aerospace Components | Kleentek

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners & Chemical for the Aerospace Industry

Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning technology removes small particulate and adhering contamination from parts where entrapment areas limit or restrict access through mechanical means. We manufacture some of the most powerful industrial ultrasonic cleaners on the market, and also stock ultrasonic chemical suitable for use on sensitive metals such as titanium and alloys.

At Kleentek, we realise how important it is to have properly cleansed components — we also recognise the importance of critical applications for smooth and safe flight operations. The cleanliness of your products and components directly affects the safety of your crew — Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning technology contributes to your efforts to maximise the safety and reliability of aerospace components while achieving optimal cleanliness standards.

Here are just some of our products that are suitable for the aerospace industry:

Oxygen Service Cleaning
Oxygen service cleaning is a general requirement at start up or modification of factories with furnaces, autoclave systems, gold mines, aerospace facilities, refineries and gas producing plants. This method of cleaning involves thoroughly degreasing components and eliminating hydrocarbons that are trapped in an oxygen system to prevent accidental fire or explosion. Ultrasonic technology is used to render these areas safe and ready for use.

Titanium Parts Cleaning
Recognising that many aerospace components are developed using titanium parts, Kleentek provides ultrasonic cleaning technology that is ideal for the critical cleaning necessary for these components.  These systems produce consistently clean results utilising frequency action that effectively scrubs titanium components clean.

Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for:

  • Turbine blades
  • Engine components
  • Landing gear
  • Overhaul parts
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • Actuators