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Ultrasonic Bath an Ideal Cleaner for Hospital Medical Equipment

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An ultrasonic bath uses the power of sound to safely and effectively clean the surface area of an object. Discovered in the 1950s and proven widely effective by the 1970s, ultrasonic cleaning methods have wide applicability. Safe, effective, adjustable and on the cutting edge of modern medicine, a hospital ultrasonic bath is a wise investment.

Kleentek is the Australian and New Zealand market leader in ultrasonic industrial cleaning solutions. We manufacture a state-of-the-art line of ultrasonic baths and top-rated purpose-specific cleaner fluids. We’ve harnessed the science of ultrasonics to provide a reliable scrub-free clean for your most difficult equipment.

How Does Sound Clean?

Sound is a powerful force capable of causing vibrations in solid matter. When ultrasonic (20-400 kHz) sound waves are placed in water, they create tiny molecularly unstable bubbles. These bubbles adhere to the surface being cleaned and implode. During these implosions, a vacuum is created where dirt and contaminants are sucked away from the object and deposited in the water.

This is called cavitation. Sound is being used to vibrate the object which creates microscopic pockets between its surface and the debris. These pockets weaken the contaminant’s bind on the surface, making it susceptible to the bubble’s implosion. Essentially, sound is being used to shake the impurities away.

Ultrasound has proven itself effective at removing a wide range of substances including oils, biofilms, dirt, fungus, fingerprints, wax and biological products. As cleanliness is one of the top concerns of any healthcare facility, ultrasonic baths are ideal for keeping your medical equipment clean.

Upgrade Your Hospital to an Ultrasonic Cleaner

In a medical setting, rigorous cleaning protocols work to reduce the risk of infections, preserve the integrity of lab samples, and increase the longevity of delicate and expensive equipment. Hard-to-reach areas, impacted labour schedules and inconsistent application of cleaning energies leave patients vulnerable to infection. Meanwhile, abrasive chemicals degrade your equipment.

A medical ultrasonic bath system is easy to use. You don’t even have to disassemble your equipment – simply close the lid, input the appropriate cleaning settings, and walk away. No scrubbing or pre-treatment is necessary!

While the ultrasound alone is effective at removing substances from surfaces, we’ve researched and tested purpose-designed hospital ultrasonic cleaner fluid. This cleaning solution is gentle and increases the speed and effectiveness of the cavitation process. It’s recommended specifically for sanitation of biochemicals such as mucus, blood and skin cells.

Partner with the Best. Partner with Kleentek

We design premium-quality ultrasonic bath systems for industrial use. Medical ultrasonic baths are intended to tuck inconspicuously into a work area. On occasion however, larger volumes and bulkier items need to be cleaned. We offer ultrasonic cleaning services to the Sunshine Coast at our Maroochydore workshop. Your items are handled by a skilled technician and monitored throughout the cleaning process.

Regular maintenance is recommended to keep your investment operating to the highest possible standard. Contact us for repairs on ultrasonic equipment and cleaners, including third-party systems. Preventative care is the best option. Add a Preventative Maintenance Agreement to your purchase to establish a maintenance schedule where performance testing, calibration and software updates are handled for you. We’ll address any issues that arise offering the most cost-effective solution for your long-term investment.