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Introducing the Kleentek Ultrasonic Cleaner Range:

Our commitment to innovation is evident in every machine we manufacture, with class leading designs that not only look great, but provide cutting edge performance. All of our ultrasonic machines are backed by a 12-month warranty. We have a wide range of ultrasonic cleaner machines to suit any number of cleaning applications, from our Powersonic compact benchtop models right through to our Mega Tank industrial ultrasonic cleaners.


Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaning

Powersonic Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaning Range

Our compact benchtop ultrasonic cleaners are designed for commercial or personal use to clean precision instruments, tools, delicate and intricate items, PCBs and electrical device parts, or any smaller sized items that require re-use or repair. They are simple to operate and offer generous capacity in a small footprint.


Powerful Metal Cleaning

MetalKleen Ultrasonic Cleaning Range

Kleentek’s MetalKleen range is specifically designed for cleaning medium to large metal components, especially for processes in the automotive industry such as vehicle servicing and engine reconditioning. MetalKleen models are available with and without weir systems and rinse tank options.

TM Mega Tank

Industrial Purpose Ultrasonics

Range-Promo-TM Mega Tanks

The TM Mega Tank range by Kleentek are advanced ultrasonic cleaning machines designed for use under conditions of heavy contamination, or where precision control of cleaning is required. TM ultrasonic machines are in use by international companies in the aerospace, defence, mining and resources, and engineering sectors.


Smartclean Ultrasonic Cleaning

This compact and practical Cleaner allows you to thoroughly clean your personal items with the power of ultrasonics. Whether you want to bring back the shine to your jewellery, or constantly battle with smudgy glasses, this is the perfect product to solve your cleaning woes!

Ultrasonic cleaning is thorough, efficient and safe.

Why choose ultrasonics?

Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasound energy to remove contaminate particles (grease, oils, carbon, flux…) from the surface of an object without damaging the substrate. It is proving an effective replacement for traditional cleaning methods that employ the use of toxic solvents, acid baths, high-pressure water jets and hand scrubbing.

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