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Product Overview

Bin Guard is a non-caustic, non-chlorinated detergent designed to be applied during a high-pressure wash process via automated dosing. This formulation combines non-hazardous ingredients and low handling to provide optimum performance with an excellent Occupational Health and Safety ‘low risk’ profile.

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Features & Benefits

Bin Guard is a carefully balanced blend of low-foaming cleansers, non-caustic alkalis, and water softening agents to make it suitable for both hard and soft water conditions.

Designed to be used via automated dosing in high-pressure water jet washing systems, it removes the most stubborn soils for minimum operating cost.

Classified as non-hazardous and a non-dangerous good for the purposes of transport, Bin Guard is a good choice for minimising risk. When using this product as a cleaner and/or sanitiser that may have incidental contact with food:

  1. The raw materials/ingredients of this product are permitted as ‘processing aids’ as listed under clause 12 of the Food Standard Code 1.3.3 (Food Standards Australia New Zealand FSANZ), or
  2. Are ‘generally regarded as safe’ (GRAS) according to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) or are recognised in the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 part 178 as indirect food additives.

When used in accordance with the directions described in the Bin Guard MSDS, this product complies with the above recognised food safety parameters.


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