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Product Overview

Anti-Rust is used on ferrous metal surfaces as a rust inhibiting treatment following alkaline ultrasonic cleaning or degreasing.



Features & Benefits

Anti-Rust is a mildly alkaline liquid designed for use as a rust inhibiting final rinse treatment following ultrasonic cleaning to protect parts during in-plant storage or handling.

  • Completely soluble in water
  • Contains no caustic – leaves parts safe to handle and use
  • Economical – effective at low concentrations
  • Leaves no oily film on parts
  • Liquid formulation means ease of use

Directions for use:
Anti-Rust is used in rinse tanks or soak tanks as the final treatment step prior to storage. Parts should not be rinsed following removal from Anti-Rust solution.

  • Concentration: 2% – 5% v/v
  • Temperature: Ambient-80°C (elevated temperatures facilitate quick drying of parts upon removal)
  • Method: Immersion or spray

Please note: Anti-Rust solutions are alkaline and are recommended for use on ferrous metals only, e.g. steel, cast iron and other alloys of iron. Do NOT use on sensitive metals such as aluminium or zinc.

Anti-Rust is available in 5 litre and 25 litre containers.


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