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Product Overview

Ferrocarb alkaline metal cleaner effectively removes carbon, paint, rust and lead deposits from ferrous metal parts such as valves and cylinder heads.



Features & Benefits

Designed for use with our industrial ultrasonic range, Ferrocarb is a concentrated mixture of surfactants, seqestrants and caustic alkali. Ferrocarb is particularly effective in cleaning the ferrous parts of internal combustion engines that have become heavily contaminated in service, e.g. valves and cylinder heads. It is especially effective in removing carbon buildup, paint, rust and lead deposits from such components. It is also used in decarbonising other components such as rubber moulds.

Effects on materials:

When Ferrocarb is used in the prescribed manner no significant corrosion is likely to occur on ferrous metals.

Ferrocarb will attack aluminium, zinc and tin rapidly and is therefore not suitable for use on these metals. Cadmium, copper and its alloys are slowly attacked. Polythene, PVC and PTFE are substantially unaffected but Ferrocarb will degrade many plastics and paints. Glass and ceramics will be etched.

Typical applications:

  • Automotive – carbon deposit removal, stripping paint, lifting surface rust
  • Cast iron and steel housings – heavy machine parts
  • Steel anilox rollers

Directions for use:

Ferrocarb is used diluted at a concentration of one (1) part by volume product with three (3) parts by volume water. The operating temperature is 80-90°C for immersion tanks and 50-60°C for ultrasonic tanks. Ferrocarb will remove oil and grease, but when it is used for decarbonising and derusting it is desirable to remove such contaminants with a prior cleaning process.

Components should be thoroughly rinsed with water before drying. The use of a dewatering protective product will prevent the clean components from flash rusting.

Ferrocarb is available in 5 litre and 20 litre containers.


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What is ultrasonics?

Ultrasonic cleaning machines combine heated water, detergent and ultrasound energy to ‘agitate’ soils from the surface of an object. It is particularly beneficial for efficiently cleaning hard surfaced items with tiny grooves, joints or cavities. Learn more about the ultrasonic cleaning process.

Aerospace Approved

Complies with strict regulations of aircraft manufacturers for use in ultrasonic degreasing processes


Ferrocarb Applications

  • Lifts surface rust
  • Paint stripping
  • Removes carbon deposits
  • Remove dried inks & glues



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