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Product Overview

Head Cleaner is a two-part chemical system that will remove oils, grease, road grime, varnish and paint, plus carbon – rapidly.



Features & Benefits

Head Cleaner is a two-part system* provided as a powder (1 or 4Kg) and a liquid solvent solution (5 or 20L) combined as required to make up 200-220 Litres of cleaning product. With a long tank life, Head Cleaner is a very economical and long-lasting cleaning agent designed for ferrous and non ferrous automotive parts.

Ideal for automotive operators that specialise in engine re-conditioning, Head Cleaner is best utilised in an agitation (ultrasonic) tank to rapidly remove built up carbon, oils, grease, road grime, varnish and paint from engine parts.

Part 1: Highly active hydrocarbon solvent emulsion. Contains highly sophisticated surfactants and soil stripping agents. This product helps strip all automotive parts ferrous and non ferrous.
Part 2: Highly active alkaline salts compound which interacts with Head Cleaner part 1.

Directions for use:
Combine 1 Litre of Part 1 and 200g of Part 2 for every 10 litres of ultrasonic tank volume. Heat to 60-65°C – do NOT heat any higher as this may render this product useless. Treatment time is dependant on soil type and build-up.

Please refer to the MSDS for details regarding safe storage and use of Head Cleaner.

*Powder component not shown in product image


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