Cleaner and Degreaser Detergent: Oxygen by Kleentek

Product Overview

Oxygen is a versatile concentrate that can be used in a variety of applications from dip tanks to ultrasonic units, pressure sprayers, steam cleaners and even hand wiping.

$495 Ex. GST AUD


Features & Benefits

Oxygen is a remarkable heavy duty concentrate cleaner and degreaser with a wide range of uses in industrial and commercial applications.

Oxygen is a water-soluble concentrate, completely non-toxic, non-corrosive and rust-inhibited. Oxygen concentrate is not harmed if frozen and is stable in long-term storage. It will not separate and no special disposal is required.

For use in ultrasonic cleaning:
A ratio of 1:20 Oxygen mixture heated to 62°C is unsurpassed for ultrasonic tanks.

Oxygen is currently available only in a 25 litre container.


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