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Product Overview

Rinse Aid enables faster and cleaner drying of glassware, plastics, metal and timber. It is ideal for use in the rinse tank of your Kleentek ultrasonic cleaning machine (or external rinse tub) to minimise spotting on silver and stainless steel and suppress excess foaming.



Features & Benefits

Designed for use with our industrial and commercial ultrasonic range, Rinse Aid is a unique blend of wetting agents and will sheet off rinse water faster and cleaner. Add to the rinse tank of your Kleentek ultrasonic cleaning machine, or a small external rinse tub for our smaller machines (i.e. Powersonic range).

Rinse Aid will minimize spotting and suppress excess foaming. It is ideal for silver (such as jewellery and tableware), and stainless steel items to ensure a flawless finish on high sheen items.

Rinse Aid is available in 5 litre and 25 litre containers.


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