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Product Overview

The MetalKleen 150L is the perfect ultrasonic cleaning solution for engineering and automotive workshops, specially designed to clean large metal parts and mechanical assemblies. The MK150L provides a heated ultrasonic tank and built-in rinse tank, in a durable stainless steel body.

  • Ultrasonic Tank + Rinse Tank
  • Ultrasonic Power: 2400W
  • Tank Length: 900mm
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Features & Benefits

The MetalKleen series of industrial ultrasonic cleaners by Kleentek are specifically designed to assist with cleaning mechanical and engine components where weir systems are not required. The parts basket included with the MetalKleen 150L will accommodate any part(s) that will fit within the dimensions of 880mm long by 380mm wide and 360mm high (liquid working depth), and up to 30Kgs in total. The stainless steel basket can be rigged and lifted from the tank using an engine crane or chain block hoist to avoid injury as required. The whole unit can be easily moved around your workshop on large poly nylon castor wheels.

The combination of ultrasonic cleaning with specially designed cleaning solutions can effectively replace other manual cleaning methods such as kerosene tanks, robo-washers or bead and sand blasting. Ultrasonics reduces the manual element of the cleaning process and thus provides substantial cost savings.

When used with Kleentek’s range of powerful chemical solutions, the MetalKleen 150L will prove to be an indispensable tool in your fabrication and reconditioning processes.

  • 150L capacity ultrasonic tank
  • Simple control panel
  • Ultrasonic and rinse tank
  • Durable stainless steel exterior finish
  • Insulated lid with air-ram assist and noise reduction foam
  • Liquid level controller with alarm function to ensure safe operation
  • Digital temperature control and countdown timer
  • Automatic heating to 70°C
  • 1 inch ball valve drain
  • 15A, 240V power plug

The MetalKleen 150L is available on a rental plan – please contact us about the best solution for your business.

We recondition earth moving and mining transmissions and powertrain components. These parts are mainly contaminated with rust and old two-pack paint which needs to be completely removed. Kleentek Ultrasonics has achieved perfect results with contaminants that are really difficult to remove, with fast turn- around times.

— Chris Gilmore, Powertrain Services


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  • Camshaft assembly
  • Engine head & block
  • Radiator
  • Gearbox cases & internals
  • Brake assembly
  • Carburettor
  • Fuel injectors
  • Military weapons


Holden Racing Team use Kleentek’s MetalKleen 150L & 40L

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