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Product Overview

The MetalKleen 270L features a built-in weir tank and liquid reticulation system for the capture and removal of oils from the ultrasonic tank liquid. It is ideal for use in automotive workshops and diesel service centres to provide a more cost efficient method of thoroughly cleaning heavily contaminated automotive components.

  • Ultrasonic Tank + Weir
  • Ultrasonic Power: 5400W
  • Tank Length: 900mm

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Features & Benefits

New to our MetalKleen automotive ultrasonic cleaner range in 2015, the 270L is the only MetalKleen model to feature a weir liquid reticulation system to capture and remove oils from the tank liquid. A top-mounted sparger within the ultrasonic tank effectively ‘pushes’ contaminants (such as grease and oil) over a weir and triple interceptor – the liquid is then reticulated through twin cartridge filters (adjustable filter size) back into the tank solution. This functionality reduces the need for manual removal of heavy soils common to automotive parts prior to ultrasonic cleaning. Gross contaminants are then easily removed for disposal via a 3/4″ drain valve.

The 270L features the largest ultrasonic tank in our MetalKleen range (900mm x 600mm, 390mm liquid working depth), an insulated double-hinged lid for optimal clearance, base-mounted industrial BLT transducer array producing 5.4kW ultrasonic power output, and our user-friendly proprietary ‘One-Touch’ LCD touch control panel.

Designed for use in automotive and diesel service centres and engine reconditioning workshops, the MetalKleen 270L industrial ultrasonic cleaner features an ultrasonic tank large enough to accommodate most 4/6/8 cylinder engine heads and blocks. The sound and heat insulated body is painted in a durable charcoal grey orange peel finish and mounted on poly nylon multi-directional castor wheels for mobility.

A built-in digital thermometer and timer provides for full temperature and cleaning cycle management, with improved liquid heating from a 6kW immersion heater. A conductivity level sensor built into the tank triggers a low liquid level shut-off function if the tank liquid falls below the required level, ensuring safe operation and machine longevity.

Backed by our 12-month warranty.

Features of the 270L Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Designed and certified to Australian Standards AS3100 and ERAC registered
  • Electronic time and temperature control
  • Autostart temperature controlled
  • Ultrasonic generator soft-start
  • High-performance BLT transducer systems
  • Run dry protected
  • Massive 6kW heating
  • Quick liquid degassing with Auto-degas / Degas functions
  • Improved cleaning performance with Sweep function
  • Temperature over-heat safety switch-off
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 28 kHz
  • 20W/Litre of unmatched ultrasonic power
  • Auto fill and dual filtration and pump for improved chemical efficacy
  • A 12-month warranty that enhances your investment
  • Cavitation-resistant 316 Stainless Steel tank for a long service life
  • Easily cleaned steel exterior
  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel parts basket certified to 100kg
  • Noise-reducing and heat insulation
  • 12-hour auto saftey shutoff
  • Compact footprint
  • Proprietary ‘One Touch’ LCD controller


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  • Automotive engine heads
  • Automotive engine blocks
  • Diesel particulate filters
  • EGR system components

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