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Product Overview

Designed as an ultrasonic cleaning solution for automotive workshops and medical facilities, the MetalKleen 30L is ideally suited for cleaning small mechanical parts, and metal, glass or hard plastic instruments. Automotive components, bicycle parts, dental instruments, and veterinary surgical instruments are quickly and thoroughly cleaned of grease, dirt and biological contaminants.

  • Ultrasonic Power: 600W
  • Tank Length: 480mm
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$2,950 Ex. GST AUD


Features & Benefits

The MetalKleen 30L ultrasonic cleaner is a single tank system designed for benchtop use to clean smaller parts, components and metal instruments. The parts basket included with the MetalKleen 30L will accommodate any part(s) that will fit within the dimensions of 420mm long by 210mm wide, and up to 130mm high (liquid working depth).

The Metalkleen 30L is a light duty general workshop ultrasonic machine ideally suited to the removal of contaminants such as carbon, old lubricants, scale, rust, resins and paint from smaller parts. It is suitable for use in automotive, marine, diesel, hydraulics and small workshops, medical, veterinary and scientific laboratories.

  • 30L capacity ultrasonic tank
  • Simple control panel with digital display
  • Degas and Sweep functions
  • Durable stainless steel exterior finish
  • Digital temperature control and countdown timer
  • Automatic heating to 70°C
  • Side-mounted drainage valve
  • 10A, 240V power plug

The MetalKleen 30L is available on a rental plan – please contact us about the best solution for your business.

We have been using a [MK30L] for just over six months cleaning marine carburetors and outboard parts… this machine is invaluable to our workshop.

— Dan, Reef Marine


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  • Carburettor
  • Fuel injectors
  • Outboard motor parts
  • Rigging fittings
  • Diesel pumps & components
  • Motorcycle heads & barrels
  • Medical/surgical instruments
  • Veterinary instruments & tools
  • Brass & Woodwind Instruments

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