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Product Overview

The Powersonic 603 Ultrasonic Cleaner is designed for benchtop use and is ideal for small intricate items such as medical, veterinary and scientific instruments, jewellery, laboratory glassware and small metal or plastic parts.

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Features & Benefits

The Powersonic 603 is a 3.3 litre capacity benchtop ultrasonic cleaner suitable for smaller items and intricate parts that require delicate and thorough surface cleaning. This unit provides an efficient automated cleaning method for operators such as jewellers, scientific and computer laboratories, medical and veterinary practice, and small parts manufacturers or service technicians.

A simple-to-use control panel allows users to power the unit on/off, set operating time, bath temperature (up to 60°C), sonic power, and degas time. A separate heat control supports heating of the bath water/solution without ultrasonic operation. The Powersonic 603 operates at an ultrasonic wave frequency of 40KHz at three power options for up to 99 minutes.

All Powersonic series ultrasonic cleaners feature an industrial BLT type transducer, producing better power and performance, and have longer durability compared to disc transducer elements. The tank and unit housing are stainless steel, with tough Polypropylene plastic surrounding the control panel and top rim.

Included accessories:

  • Tank lid
  • Power cable
  • Perforated Basket (L230mm x W135mm x D105mm)
  • Drainage hose (1 metre length)
  • Instruction Manual

Genuine Kleentech accessories and chemical cleaning solutions are available for the Powersonic 603 to suit a number of applications:

  • Jewellery/Parts Rack
  • Small Parts Basket
  • Mesh Clasp Basket

Please refer to the product brochure for more information, including full specifications for this unit. All of our ultrasonic cleaning machines are backed by a 12-month warranty.


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  • Jewellery & jewellers tools
  • Medical/surgical instruments
  • Electronics PCBs
  • Bicycle parts
  • Brass (bullet) cases

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