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Product Overview

Ultrasonic Cleaner Chemical Solution for use in Ultrasonic and Immersion Tanks.  An aqueous based degreasing chemistry developed for soil removal during the manufacturing or rebuilding of Aerospace components. Used in immersion, mildly agitated or ultrasonic cleaning processes. 815GD is a mildly alkaline solution which cavitates in ultrasonics with unparalleled performance providing a water-break-free surface. Safe on virtually all metals. AquaVantage 815 GD is non-corrosive and will not stain metals


$390 Ex. GST AUD


Features & Benefits

An unrivaled combination of cleanability, broad material compatibility, extensive industry approvals and recyclability produced in a safe formulation, AquaVantage® 815 GD is the product of choice in most immersion and ultrasonic cleaning applications

Aquavantage 815 GD is currently available in 10, 19 and 20 litre drums

Product Benefits:

  • Independent Performance Documentation – Proven Cleaning Results 
  • Water-Based, Dilutable Formulation – Dilutes Specific to Your Application 
  • Extends Bath Life – Creates Labor Savings & Reduces Costs
  • In-Process Corrosion Control
  • Transmits Ultrasonic Cavitation at All Temperatures
  • Free Rinsing – Cleaner Parts & Simplified Cleaning
  • Reduced Cleaning Rework & Rejects
  • No Hazardous Ingredients as Listed on the SDS (w/OSHA PELS)
  • SCAQMD: Certified as a Clean Air Solvent
  • Separates Oil Effectively for Easy Skimming
  • RoHS Compliant, VOC-Free

See the results of Ultrasonic Cleaning: https://kleentek.net.au/about/ultrasonic-cleaning-gallery/

Kleentek is the Authorised Distributor for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea: http://bhcinc.com/where-to-buy-int/


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