Medical Biofilm Remover: Matrix by Whiteley

Product Overview

MATRIX® is a patented formulation of surfactants specifically designed for removing conventional biological soils, bacterial biofilms and other microorganisms on medical devices. Available in a 5 Litres container only.

TGA Approval

ARTG No: 125529
(Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods)

$122 Ex. GST AUD


Features & Benefits

MATRIX® is a breakthrough, revolutionary step forward in validated cleaning protocols.

MATRIX® has been scientifically proven to remove conventional biological soils and bacterial biofilms. Bacterial biofilms in which both bacteria and other micro-organisms may be imbedded are more difficult to remove than conventional biological soils alone. Disease causing organisms have been proven to be transferred when protected within biofilms on improperly cleaned Medical Devices. Traditional cleaning solutions, most notably enzymatic detergent cleaners, have been demonstrated to be ineffective against bacterial biofilm soiling.

Key benefits:

  • breaks the surface adhesion causing the biofilm to ‘peel-back’ and collapse on itself
  • dissolves the complex carbohydrates – EPS (Exo Poly Saccharide)
  • impacts 100% of viable bacteria within the biofilm
  • demonstrated cleaning efficacy – institute testing and simulated soil tests have proven MATRIX® to be the world’s most effective medical device cleaner

Matrix is available in a 5L container.


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