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Ultrasonic Anilox Roller Cleaner

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Product Overview

A custom built anilox roller cleaner is specifically designed for the cleaning of your anilox rollers. These machines are a fully self-contained unit that includes a pump/filtration system and an overflow weir to ensure longer tank life of the cleaning chemistry.

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Features & Benefits

Anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machines come with a built-in rotation mechanism that slowly revolves the anilox rollers to ensure that an even clean is achieved. This is essential to result in a consistent and thorough clean for the best print quality possible.

Cleaning anilox rolls and sleeves regularly with ultrasonics can save on down time, achieve a faster production time as a result and offer a payback on the machine investment in a very short time.

For more information

This product is currently being redeveloped to utilise our latest technology and design improvements – please contact us at Kleentek if you’d like to receive information regarding this machine.


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Why ultrasonic cleaning?
  • Far more efficient than manual cleaning methods
  • Better for the environment, using less resources
  • Safer for use on intricate items



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