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Product Overview

The ‘Smartclean’ Ultrasonic Cleaner has been specially manufactured for personal use, offering a new, compact solution that delivers professional grade results at home.

$129 excl. GST



Features & Benefits

This compact and practical Smart Ultrasonic Cleaner allows you to thoroughly clean your personal items with the power of ultrasonics. Whether you want to bring back the shine to your jewellery, or constantly battle with smudgy glasses, this is the perfect product to solve your cleaning woes! Ultrasonic cleaning harnesses the power of ultrasound energy to remove stubborn surface particles. This method results in a highly effective, yet gentle clean that is suitable for delicate objects.

The combined innovation and versatility of ultrasonic technology is just one of the many reasons why it is now a preferred cleaning method across many industries. While professionals have benefited from the capabilities of ultrasonics for some time, now too can your personal cleaning jobs.


Available in Black, Navy, Sharp Red, Sky Blue and Light Green

Product Specs:

Rated voltage: DC12V
AC adaptor: AC100V~240V
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Electricity consumption: 15W
Ultrasonic frequency: 45kHz
Product size: Length 185 X Height 59 X Width 98mm
Product weight: About 410g
Internal dimensions of cleaner tank: Length 173 X Height 45 X Width 82mm
Volume of cleaner tank: About 500ml, limit (MAX) standard line is about 450ml
Timer: Automatically turn off (3 minutes)


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