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Product Overview

ALLOYSalt-L is the liquid alkaline component of our two-part ALLOY System formulated to remove organic soils and paint from either ferrous or non-ferrous metals.



Features & Benefits

The ALLOY System is a two-part system made up of ALLOYSalt-L, an alkaline liquid and ALLOYSolv, a solvent component. It is formulated to remove organic soil, and paint from either ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

The ALLOY System is designed for use in agitated immersion cleaning, static tanks or ultrasonic cleaners such as our MetalKleen range. It can be used as a safer drop-in replacement for methylene chloride strippers in some applications, only requiring the addition of heating. Static tanks work better if some form of agitation can be provided – simple air agitation is often adequate or ultrasonics can be used for improved results.

The ALLOY System is generally safe to use on steel, cast iron, aluminium and zinc. It is not safe to use on magnesium.

  • Two part system; aqueous solvent and alkaline components
  • Safe on aluminium and zinc
  • Synergistic solvent and detergent action penetrates stubborn soils and
    paint finishes
  • Emulsifiers assist in suspending oils within the bath and aid in preventing
    redeposition of oils/paint onto work surface
  • Paint residues easily filtered
  • Drop-in replacement for methylene chloride

Recommended Operating Conditions

  • Concentration: ALLOYSalt-L 10% v/v, ALLOYSolv 10% v/v
  • Temperature: 40-70°C
  • Time: 2-20 minutes (depending on soil conditions, paint type and degree of agitation)

ALLOYSalt-L contains 1-10% Disodium Metasilicate, greater than 60% water, and other non-hazardous substances. Keep out of reach of children. Please refer to the MSDS for more information.

ALLOYSalt-L is available in 5 litre and 25 litre containers.


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