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Using a Small Ultrasonic Cleaner to Maintain Precision Instruments

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In the veterinary or medical field, cleanliness is an everyday essential. Clean instruments aren’t only important for patient comfort, but also for reducing the spread of communicable disease and preventing infection. After use, some of these instruments can be particularly difficult to clean — especially if they are delicate. Using harsh cleaning methods can risk damage and losing one of your instruments is not an ideal way to start a day. At Kleentek, we recognise the challenges posed by cleaning your tools and offer the benefits of a small ultrasonic cleaner in response.

Our Powersonic benchtop units deliver the ideal experience in this area. With units small enough to fit into almost any workspace and capacities of up to nearly 21 litres, there is plenty of versatility to match diverse needs. Through the use of special chemicals and the high-powered, high-frequency sound waves used within a small ultrasonic cleaner, tiny bubbles will scour the surface of your instruments without damaging them directly. Instead, the bubbles carry away the impurities and contamination clinging to your instruments. Once removed from the cleaning liquid, the devices are clean, sterile, and ready for use once again.

With an option like this available, rapid and thorough cleaning of your equipment is within easy reach. Save time, ensure safety, and enjoy the ability to focus on other important tasks while your cleaning cycles complete automatically. To further discuss using a small ultrasonic cleaner in your practice, or to learn about its applications in depth, please contact Kleentek at your convenience.