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A Cleaner Car Ultrasonic Bath: Get Cleaning with an Automotive Heat Exchange, Engine Parts Washer/Machine

Home- A Cleaner Car Ultrasonic Bath: Get Cleaning with an Automotive Heat Exchange, Engine Parts Washer/Machine

The decision about what type of parts washing equipment you should buy for your shop can be a challenging one. Auto repair shops, manufacturers and other areas of the automotive industry need effective parts cleaning solutions to keep engines, heat exchangers, carburettors and more from getting damaged or clogged with contaminants like oil or dirt. The most cost-effective solution for many is to choose a reliable ultrasonic automotive parts washer, such as those available from Kleentek.

How Vehicle Parts Benefit from Ultrasonic Baths

Just like with anything else in life, getting automotive jobs right requires having the right tools at hand. Ultrasonic washing equipment is just one more tool you should add to your checklist of must-haves for any shop or manufacturing facility. Keep your operations running smoothly with a dedicated ultrasonic car part cleaning machine and the right automotive solution for your engine.

Ultrasonic washing systems are useful for thoroughly cleaning a wide variety of car parts, from bearings to cranks shafts and everything in between. Car engines and heat exchangers can benefit from ultrasonic cleaning to remove contaminants. The inside of a car’s engine must be kept as free of these as possible to ensure that the car runs smoothly. Of course, taking an engine apart to clean it by hand is simply not practical in most situations, which is why choosing an engine parts cleaner to remove these deposits and other build-up is the most economical choice. With this in mind, it becomes clear why having engine and heat exchange cleaning available is necessary for any auto shop or plant.

Get the Automotive Parts Washer You Need for Your Garage

Kleentek provides a variety of automotive industry solutions that help keep cars cleaner so that they run as efficiently as possible. The use of ultrasonic cleaning is one way you can best maintain any vehicle while potentially reducing cleaning time, saving you both time and money in the long run. A car part cleaning machine may seem like a big investment up front, but it will soon prove itself invaluable as you achieve maximum results with minimal handling of delicate engine or heat exchange parts.

We have many options available when it comes to choosing an ultrasonic bath for your shop. The MetalKleen range, in particular, is designed specifically for the automotive industry, providing you with a system powerful enough to remove even the toughest contaminants including rust, paint, oil, or carbon. It can quickly get to work on all non-absorbent materials, such as hard plastics, steel and alloys, allowing you to get a deep clean in a fraction of the time it might otherwise take you.

If you’d like to learn more about what heat exchange or engine parts cleaner may be best for your garage, do not hesitate to contact Kleentek. Our friendly staff are available to listen to your concerns and to advise you in making your washer or cleaning solution decision.