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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine and Fluid Provide Ultrasonic Solution for Unbeatable Price

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The tech industry is a fast-paced highway of discoveries and innovation. One successful product can set you up for life, while an equivalent product failure can knock you out of the race for good. When every detail matters, you don’t want to risk shortcuts and inefficiencies, including in your cleaning processes.

Sound offers an ultrasonic solution to your delicate cleaning needs. When utilised between 20-400 kHz, sound effectively shakes off surface contaminants. Proven effective on most hard, non-porous surfaces, ultrasonic cleaning has been applied across multiple industries. Kleentek, the Australian and New Zealand market leader in industrial ultrasonic cleaning solutions, has developed a premium line of products including purpose-designed ultrasonic cleaner fluid. Our systems are great value, and clean gently, thoroughly and without scrubbing.

Ultrasonic Solution for Innovative Tech Firms

Ultrasonic cleaning machines work by sending high-frequency sound waves through a solution of water and purpose-specific ultrasonic cleaner fluid. The sound waves cause the immersed object to vibrate, causing microscopic air bubbles between the object’s surface and the adhered contaminants. These tiny bubbles are molecularly unstable and implode against the object causing a vacuum. During this reaction, the contaminating particles are stripped from the object’s surface and left in the water-based ultrasonic solution.

In technology manufacturing, the slightest mismeasurement can tank your project. Months of work can be scrapped due to a speck of dirt lodging itself in the wrong place. When a process is perfected, care must be taken to ensure quality can be sustained and replicated. It’s easy to forget that hardware you’re using to build tech’s next big thing needs as much attention as the product itself.

Clean equipment keeps tools functioning at optimal levels. Over time, gunky build-up inhibits smooth execution in any mechanical system. Left unattended, this gunky build-up will affect the equipment’s output. Proper maintenance through conventional means however, can be virtually impossible due to the steadily decreasing size of components. Don’t waste time fussing over individual pieces – clean your equipment by the batch. Our ultrasonic cleaning machine price quickly pays for itself in labour costs saved.

Choose Kleentek for Cutting-Edge Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines and Fluid

We’ve spent years researching and developing products specially tailored for different industries. Whether you need a small ultrasonic cleaning machine or a large, frequently used industrial model, Kleentek provides a reliable cleaning system for a competitive price.

Rather than rely on human skill and motivation, ultrasonic systems work hands-free. Place your items in the basket, add the appropriate cleaning solutions, set the desired frequency and duration of the bath, and you’re done. Our contaminant-specific ultrasonic cleaning fluid is not required but does aid in the speed and effectiveness of a single clean.

If you’re not ready to invest in your own ultrasonic cleaning machine and are local to the Sunshine Coast, call us to arrange ultrasonic cleaning services at our workshop in Maroochydore. Our skilled technicians carefully load and unload your items and monitor them throughout their sound-powered bath. Benefit from full access to our cleaning machines and cleaner fluids. Prices are negotiated per job.