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Aluminium Cleaning Done Right: An Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution Made for Heavy Industrial Use

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Ultrasonic cleaning is a useful way to maintain a variety of instruments and parts in many different commercial and industrial settings. This form of cleaning helps to improve overall safety and quality, and is a cost-effective solution compared to some of the existing alternatives. If you use an ultrasonic washer however, you’ll need an ultrasonic cleaning solution for aluminium that you can trust. Here’s why you should choose the high-quality solutions from Kleentek Advanced Cleaning Technologies to ensure an in-depth clean for all your tools or working parts.

Reasons You Should Consider Ultrasonic Cleaning to Protect Your Valuable Investments

Ultrasonic cleaning is an ideal choice for washing everything from fine jewellery to aluminium carburettors. This technology is unique for its ability to strip away hard-to-remove contaminants, especially in difficult to reach places or for especially delicate instrumentation. For decades, professionals across a wide range of industries have relied on this form of cleaning that employs high-frequency sound waves to remove surface dirt, adhesives, and other organic or non-organic debris of all kinds. It’s safe and effective to use on metals, plastics, rubber, ceramics, glass, and more with no harsh scrubbing or intensive power usage.

To run at their very best, most ultrasonic washing devices require a quality ultrasonic cleaner solution. Because heat is needed for the effective cleaning of many materials, you should generally select a solution that can handle higher temperatures, keeping in mind that the best temperature to clean at is generally around 80 percent of the solution’s boiling point. Ultimately, the exact type of ultrasonic cleaning solution you should purchase will depend upon what sorts of parts you need cleaned and what kinds of contaminants you are removing.

Get the Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution You Need from Kleentek

Kleentek carries a wide range of chemical applications and solutions designed to help you get the most out of your ultrasonic cleaner. For example, if you require an ultrasonic cleaning solution for aluminium, one of our ALLOY system solutions may be a smart choice, especially if you need to remove either organic soils or paint from your aluminium parts or tools. Other examples of heavy-duty solutions we carry include the AX Degreaser that prevents corrosion and is especially useful for vehicles and other machinery, or the aptly-named Inkoff solution for removing dried ink and similar coatings or adhesives from aluminium-based printing rolls. In addition to these hard-working chemical solutions, we also sell top-of-the-line ultrasonic cleaners and provide maintenance and service for these machines.

Industries that have relied on our products include aerospace, automotive, and the industrial and mining sectors—all areas where quality performance truly matters. When you trust Kleentek for your ultrasonic cleaning machines, chemicals and other services, you know you will be using a safe and consistent cleaner that will help you to get the most out of your operation’s valuable investments. To learn more about our products and the services we offer, please contact us.