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Cleaning Applications

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Automotive Industry

Automotive repair, manufacturing and rebuilding companies reach to ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove dirt and contamination from various parts and components. Kleentek solutions eliminate automotive contaminants such as oil, grease, metal shavings, lubricants, rust, and carcinogens from automotive parts for consistently clean components.

Sports, Music & Recreation

You don’t need to stay on the sidelines for long with ultrasonic cleaning from Kleentek. Keeping sports equipment, musical instruments and the other items you use hard during your free time clean can be difficult, but it is essential if you want them to work at the highest levels for the longest amount of time possible. Ultrasonics saves you time and money, all while providing a safe, gentle cleaning to the gear you love.

  • Cleaning brass bullet casings in preparation for reloading
  • Brass & woodwind musical instruments

Mining & Industrial

Ultrasonic cleaning provides reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions in manufacturing facilities and industrial plants. Systems can be used to clean parts and components in the field, in mines, in industrial plants and within manufacturing facilities reducing the amount of time that it takes to render components safe, clean and ready for use.