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Engine Cylinder Head Cleaning using Ultrasonics

A thorough inspection for hairline cracks in cast iron and aluminium heads requires a clean surface. Even the cleanest engine is covered in crud and road grime from thousands of kilometres of daily travel through Australia’s harsh coastal and outback environment. The process you choose to clean engine blocks and heads must be effective at removing dirt, grease, oil, paint, carbon, rust and scale from internal as well as external surfaces. Time, labour and energy costs can account for almost 30% of the cost of rebuilding some engines, so it is vitally important to your business that the cleaning process is as efficient as possible.

Kleentek industrial ultrasonic cleaners provide a solution that can be easily customised for safe operation and optimum results across a number of materials and contaminants. Several cleaning variables, such as frequency and ultrasonic power, bath solution heating, chemical composition and cleaning time, ensure the ideal cleaning process for a wide range of applications in the typical automotive workshop.

Recommended Machines
Recommended Chemicals
Why is ultrasonic cleaning a better solution for engine cylinder heads?
  • Ultrasonic cleaning reaches into blind holes and deep recesses
  • Cleans both ferrous and non-ferrous metals safely (cast iron and aluminium heads)
  • Avoids health and safety risks to your staff
  • Efficient oil contaminant capturing system (Kleentek’s proprietary triple weir system) to extend efficacy of the cleaning liquid
  • Uses less resources and reduces the risk of breaching environmental restrictions (e.g. hazardous waste disposal)