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Reconditioning heavy machinery parts using ultrasonics

The structural components of heavy vehicles such as earthmoving equipment, construction machinery, tractors and agricultural machinery endure the worst possible conditions for any mechanical part. It takes big money to maintain big machines, and downtime can be especially costly. Ultrasonic cleaning is ideally suited to applications related to all heavy equipment maintenance, and easily handles both batch cleaning of small parts and reconditioning of large parts. Refurbish your heavy machinery parts on-site with our MetalKleen or Mega Tank machines, or send them to us for professional industrial ultrasonic cleaning.

Recommended Machines
Recommended Chemicals
Why use ultrasonic cleaning for machinery parts?
  • Ultrasonic cleaning can lift heavy soiling AND paint
  • Handles really large parts just as easily as the small parts
  • Strip parts back to bare metal for refurbishment
  • Greatly reduced exposure to harmful cleaning chemicals
  • Less wasteful than bead and sand blasting
  • Streamline on-site construction equipment maintenance