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Ultrasonic cleaning air intake manifold components

Cleaning intake manifold components to remove carbon build-up, sludge and road grime is a service that all automotive mechanics need to offer their customers. A properly cleaned air intake manifold will help to improve engine efficiency and vehicle emissions. Using ultrasonic cleaning, an intake manifold can be restored to near original condition with minimal manual handling and no contact with harmful chemicals.

Recommended Machines
Recommended Chemicals
Why use ultrasonic cleaning for automotive parts?
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is more gentle than bead blasting for softer alloy metals
  • Only ultrasonics reaches into the smallest cavities to lift out contaminants that may otherwise lead to component or system damage
  • Your staff can spend more time on the job and less time cleaning parts
  • The unique cleaning action created by ultrasonics out-performs harsh solvents for difficult to remove gunk and grime